What COVID-19 Documents To Pack For Your Kosher Tours To South Africa, Iceland, Australia And Other Countries

There is good news after almost two years of indeterminate travel plans. The South African Government has reduced Covid regulations pertaining to travellers into South Africa, and strict quarantine has been abolished. Read on to learn more about what to pack for your gourmet kosher safaris and kosher tours to South Africa regarding reduced COVID-19 restrictions.

In addition, despite the initial concerns over the omicron variant, most countries have opened their borders to South African travellers again. So, kosher tours to Iceland, Australia, Argentina and other countries can resume. The current rules and regulations will be clarified here.

Travelling To South Africa

For travellers wishing to join in for a kosher safari in South Africa, you will be required to present a negative PCR test that is not more than 72 hours before the time of departure from your country of origin. On arrival, screening shall take place for Covid-19 symptoms. The presence of symptoms shall lead to testing. And only if the test result is positive will the traveller be required to enter quarantine.

Kosher Tours To Iceland

Those wishing to participate in a kosher tour to Iceland will be exempt from travel restrictions, testing and quarantine requirements if they can prove that they are fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine and a negative PCR or rapid test not more than 72 hours before departure.  

Kosher Tours To Australia

The Australian government has announced that Australia is open to all fully vaccinated visa holders from 21 Feb 2022. There are still some restrictions for not fully-vaccinated travellers, including quarantine requirements, and kosher tours will resume in Australia under this new announcement.

Kosher Tours To Argentina And Other Countries In South America

Travel to Argentina and other countries in South America is allowed, without restrictions, for fully vaccinated travellers. So, kosher tours to Argentina are back on the cards.

Please note that all information on travel restrictions and quarantine regulations are subject to change at short notice.  

If in doubt, please contact the team at Gourmet Kosher Safaris today. We will help you navigate all the requirements for your kosher safari or kosher tour and make your dream of a gourmet kosher safari or tour a reality. We look forward to welcoming everyone back to the world of gourmet kosher travelling while implementing our own comprehensive range of COVID-19 safety protocols. Bearing in mind the above mentioned, Hashem willing, travelling together could be safer than staying at home!

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