“Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people who share the same passion” – Steve Jobs

GKS has a unique team of logistics experts, guides, kosher chefs, and mashgichim that  is unrivalled anywhere in the market.

We would love to introduce some of them to you:


Yoni Isaacson

founder and C.E.O.
Yoni is known as the “doyen” of luxury kosher safaris and tours . He is the founder and manager of all GKS brands and is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of all aspects of our incredible adventures.

Julie Isaacson

Product Manager
Julie is responsible for new products, venues and for our ‘brand products’. Julie brings a touch of Californian Class into the operation.

Kidwell Serongwane

Kidwell is one of the longest serving members of the GKS team, and has been with GKS since the beginning. Beloved by all who meet him, he is a phenomenal organizer, host, chef, and people's person and his incredible sense of humour will keep you entertained with stories and songs about everything from South African politics to Shlomo Carlebach!

Gavi Lederman

Logistics, client-care, and supplier relations.
Gavi has both a Yeshiva and academic education, holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He plays a senior role in management at the GKS group, and his logistical precision and great relationship with our large global network of suppliers play a major part in the smooth running of our operations.

Tonderai Ruwo

Executive Chef
From his charming, gentle personality to his signature “salad nicoise”, “lamb chops in onion sauce”, and “chocolate spring rolls”, Chef Allan is definitely the man behind GKS’s famous gourmet Big 3 “Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!”. Our first full-time chef, he is also responsible together with Chef Frans for the managing of entire global catering operation!

Ari Leibovitz

Finance and Operations
Ari is responsible for the operations of our South African office as well as its finances. He boasts charming personality and honest and diligent work-ethic, and together with his passion for learning, technology, travel, and growth, these characteristic make him an integral part of our team.

Frans Malusi

Head Chef
Our Head-Chef, Frans Malusi is not only an expert in fine-dining, but is also of the best known pastry chefs in Jewish Johannesburg, who grew to fame at the signature upmarket coffee shop “Frangelico’s”. In addition to watering your pallette,Chef Frans is responsible together with Chef Tondi for managing our growing team of full-time and freelance kosher chefs.