How To Capture Your Kosher Safari On Camera: Photography Tips For Beginners

Getting into photography has many benefits, particularly if you’re active on social media. Taking a gourmet kosher safari to a picturesque location is bound to present countless photo opportunities, too. What better time to become familiar with your camera, whether a point-and-shoot, DSLR or smartphone? Before your kosher tour, familiarise yourself with some photography basics and understand how your camera works. Then, make sure to capture your memories through vivid and interesting photographs by following these tips.

Basic Tips For 3 Types Of Photography

▲ Interesting Still Life

While on your gourmet kosher safari, you will have many opportunities to snap photos of your sumptuous meals. In addition to sharing these visions with your loved ones, you will also want to capture these memories on film for posterity! You can use your flash, natural light, or even sunlight for your lighting. Take multiple shots at different angles and heights. When changing positions, avoid casting shadows. Let nothing else clash with your subject besides an awesome backdrop. 

▲ Great Landscapes And Nature

Being on the move on a kosher safari, you won’t always have golden hour opportunities, that is,  two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset. You should, however, learn how to work with the light you have at your disposal. When you’re on an African safari, for instance, watch out for interesting shadows, shoot close-ups when it’s overcast, and make the most of the ominous clouds when it’s stormy. Focus on the primary subject to avoid having a general landscape. Limit the background to a single texture, such as the sky or the ground, to remove any distracting elements. For a crisp composition, isolate your subject and simplify the image as much as possible.

▲ Mesmerizing Action Scenes

If you have a smartphone, select burst mode. This allows for multiple photos per second and helps you to capture an entire action. Later, you can select, crop and edit the clearest photo(s). Imagine the stunning photos you can take of Iceland’s majestic waterfalls and the northern lights! Action photos don’t need a flash because it flattens the image drastically. Choose your focus and select sports mode. This optimises your camera settings to capture fast-paced movement. Some pros prefer this mode. A dramatic angle will make your photo more interesting. If you don’t have a tripod, getting down on your knees can help you get that action shot. Finally, use JPEG mode for capturing movement as it allows for faster writing of images to the memory card and accommodates burst photography.

Practice, Pack And Safe Travels

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the basics and taken some practice shots, you’ll be well on your way to capturing the best holiday photos ever. Use a light camera bag with carrying gear and include cleaning supplies for lenses, a suitable charger or extra rechargeable batteries, and memory cards when using a digital camera. Be sure not to over-pack, but spend some time studying your itinerary, researching your destination, and planning your photos. 

Gourmet Kosher Safaris offers exceptional luxury kosher tours to Iceland, South America, and Australia, and kosher safaris in Argentina and Africa. Besides our world-class gourmet kosher meals, we promise you a relaxing and picturesque vacation. We would be glad to arrange a tour for you. Please contact us today!

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