Gourmet Kosher Cuisine In The Heart Of The Wilderness

Are you dreaming of African Safaris but are worried that you won’t be able to find any decadent, let alone decent kosher tours? When embarking on your quest to discover the finest kosher safaris, you may first want to investigate what constitutes gourmet kosher safaris.

The very nature of a safari implies that the location is remote and unspoilt. So, how is gourmet kosher cuisine possible in the heart of the wilderness? Consider these essential touchpoint criteria.

Kashrut Certification

Local authorities can be used to provide kashrut certification, however, in remote areas, this is not always logistically possible. You should seek out a kosher tour provider who is prepared to take a registered mashgiach from a recognised kashrut authority along on the tour.

Food Preparation

Look for tour operators who will ensure that all food preparation is done on-site and in the presence of a mashgiach. if important to you , always check that meat is glatt , bread is pas yisroel, and chalav yisroel is available. Special consideration will also be required concerning dairy products.

Where local baked goods do not meet the necessary standard, then these too will need to be prepared fresh and daily, on-site.

Local Limitations

Where local conditions limit the availability of suitable products, you should seek a kosher tour company that is prepared to arrange the import of quality items, including meats, wines and dairy products, from the nearest, most suitable Jewish community. 

All Fare Must Conform

Some companies proffering kosher tours will include kosher meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you should be on the lookout for a gourmet kosher safari organisation committed to ensuring that every meal, snack, and drink they produce or procure conforms to the higher quality standards under kosher regulations.

To indulge in kosher tours to South Africa, Australia or other countries look no further than Gourmet Kosher Safaris. Our experienced team will be delighted to prepare the most luxurious gourmet kosher safaris that you can imagine. We will thrill your palate while you enjoy the most magnificent kosher safaris.  We also offer kosher tours to South America and other destinations. Contact us now for more details!

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