A unique team for a unique experience.

the Gourmet kosher safaris  group had its humble beginnings  in 2001 as Rabbi Yoni Isaacson’s   owner-run brand  “Africa Kosher Safaris” and fast became famous as the leading name in luxury kosher  eco-tourism.

We expanded our horizons a few years later into East Africa, and  in 2013, crossed the Atlantic for our first “outside Africa” experience in Argentina.

With the 2016 addition of  Peru and the Galapagos to our portfolio, and that  of Australia and New Zealand in 2017, we became the undisputed Southern Hemisphere experts, and have now crossed the equator to India and all the way up to sub-polar Iceland,  cementing our reputation as top players   in the global high-end kosher travel market.

Our creed is to offer the kosher traveler the unique opportunity to experience some of the most unforgettable wildlife-rich, scenic, and cultural travel destinations in the world, all whilst enjoying top quality kosher cuisine, prepared fresh on site under the strictest kashrut supervision, a policy that has earned us a network of loyal clients who simply wouldn’t travel anymore without GKS.

a GKS tour isn’t simply another kosher and Shabbat friendly way of travelling the world- it is a luxurious and indulgent lifestyle choice.

Our highly trained team of guides, chefs, and mashgichim accompany each group to some of the finest hotels in each region, making each meal into a fine-dining experience, similar to that experienced in a top restaurant.

Our office supports you through every stage of the journey with our personalized concierge services, and our fully inclusive 5 star  trips include not only 3 meals per day, but also soft-drinks, fine wines, snacks on excursions, and many other special touches.

Our own specialized kosher catering team will delight your palate while you enjoy the splendors of nature, giving you the ultimate gourmet safari experience.

In addition to our  regular packaged group tours, which are an incredibly fun opportunity to make new friends in the most fantastic places, we also offer personalized trips for small groups of friends and family, so take the plunge, and contact us now, to embark on a life-changing journey which you will never want to end….